Loïc Nottet – Farewell



What is happiness?
What is freedom?
I asked them these questions many times, but they never responded
And yet not a day went by without me hearing their whispers
They told me the same nightmares over and over again, which I tried in vain to forget
My mind was so bewildered that all I could hear and see was them

Who should I believe?
Where should I go?
Who was I?
From dawn to dusk, they stayed close to me and kept reminding me of my past demons.
But let me give you some advice
Get rid of all of that
Organize your mind and forget things which should be forgotten
Don't keep forever crying the same old tears
Because if there is one thing you need to do in order to grow and to evolve, it's to sort things out

Say goodbye to your nightmare and past demons
To be happy you must listen to yourself, not to their sinister whispers
Don't be afraid to turn the page and write a much more beautiful story
Sort your mind out, clear the negative thoughts,
and everything will be better, have faith in yourself, and bit them farewell

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