Lord of the Lost – A War Within

A War Within

I tried to walk a noble course
But doom had loomed from when
They spoke of pride but forced remorse
In everyone but them

Then I fell, then I fell into despair
All of them, all of them left me there
Way too weak, way too weak, too bereft
In these lies, in this torment, in death

A war that's within
(The soul that's without)
The lost never win
(Can't beat the devout)
Grievous and grim
(Weak and worn out)
A war within, a war within

The birds that circle sense my hurt
And flesh to peck is nigh
A guilt that man does not deserve
Is pain you can't defy

I tried to walk a noble course
My face, disgraced, won't fit
My punishment is their reward
They need a hypocrite

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