Lord of the Lost – Death is Just a Kiss Away

Death is Just a Kiss Away

If the longing for someone is measured
By the waves I am drowning tonight
Expect waves when you're crossing that river
Await red to become anthracite

Oh well, love is here and so is hate
But mainly death is what dictates
Love is endless, immortal they say
So might be truth
Fair enough but be that as it may
Death is just a kiss away

Sell your love, 30 pieces of silver
Eat and drink yourself, your sangreal
Build your house on your own Aceldama
Every relish can be your last meal

Seeds we sow
But don't know what we grow
Make or mar
Sear flowers on our field of blood
Hope we seed
We water and we wait in need

With heaven's call
Unavoidably buying the fall

Now there's one sun and there is one moon, dear
And whichever God's the one for you
Just remember that the one you choose here
Makes enemies, no matter who

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