Lord of the Lost – Utopya


We came through hate, hellfire and war
(Viva utopya)
In search of truth not metaphor
(Viva utopya)
Pure hearts reign supreme
But dreams are only dreams

The bell is ringing

This mus be the place
Where all woes are erased
A fanfare for us as we arrived
It feels like we've been blessed
The wistful dispossessed
We knew how lost we were when we found paradise

We came in peace but sadly saw
(Viva utopya)
Perfection is so cruelly flawed
(Viva utopya)
In the cold light the cracks are clear
(Viva utopya)
This paradise becomes austere
(Viva utopya)

This must be the place
Where myths disintegrate
They burnt your journals and laughed at mine
Imprisoned in white robes
The ghost of all our hopes
We count the cost of wasting trust on humankind

Pure hearts will still beat
But dreams aren't always sweet

There's nothing saintly here
In this oppressed frontier
At least my love, we know that we tried

The chants are getting loud
The creeping speed of sound
The mob appears as i dry your eyes
We face our destiny
Through strength of memory
The voyage will not end if our twin spirits fly

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