Lord of the Lost – Zunya


The cross that I bear is heavy and cold
The scars that I wear are ugly and old
The iron I taste is salty and red
The hope that I had is already dead

The tears that I cried have shivered like glass
My heart is with you but my mind is a mess
You're present and future but I'm chained to my past
The answer to questions that have never been asked

The only way to make a new road is
Is to walk it from Heaven through Hell
The only way out is through you
The way out of myself might be cracking your shell

A new road is made by walking that way
The way out is through, the way out is you
My heart is so heavy, it's dragging me down
I can't be a king if you're not my crown

My will left my body, I'm empty and cold
Gave my soul to the Devil, it's already sold
Love made me its prey but I'm standing strong
My heart in your hand keeps going on

I fell from the heavens but I'll land on my feet
The demon you've fed is now hungry, in need
I hide my black soul under your pale white skin
For you are my shelter, I'm your Devil within

The hope that I had is already dead
The iron I taste is salty and red
The hope that I had is already dead
Is already dead

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