Motionless in White – Meltdown


It feels so frantic, automatic, a collapsing paradigm
Everybody's dancing, on the ashes, all hail the end of time
We're wrapped in chain reactions from words of mass destruction
So we explode in the snow globe while the cure is classified

Ignoring the warming and now we're globally mourning
And it's too late for a warning, it's too late

Run away, run away
Man-infested destiny
No escape, no escape
Headfirst into the outbreak
This is our apocalypse
Doomsday at our fingertips
3, Trigger the countdown
2, Run up the head count
1, We're all invited, invited to the meltdown

Spiral to extinction, and we know we're fucked
Cause you can't spell out "virus" without "us"

Contagion, we're cutting our throats with our own knives
The end of mankind will be televised
On tonight's series finale, we're all gonna fuckin' die

Warning: please remain calm and evacuate immediately
Humanity has begun self destruction

Bottom line feeder, parasite preacher
Writing off lives (Like) you're in bed with the reaper
Sealed with a kiss, decease to exist

Havoc is automatic
Surrender to the static
We love it cinematic
Oh my god, don't panic

Shock the system
Let the axe fall to your knees
Land of disease
Kill or be killed the American scream
Bottom line feeder, parasite preacher
Now your judgement day is here

Side effects are not allowed
But may include a meltdown
Celebrate the fallout
I'm warming up up up to a meltdown

Collapsing in static
Out of time, don't panic

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