Mushroomhead – 11th Hour

11th Hour

Waiting on the call one day, waiting to be led astray
Waiting for the promise, for the dream to come true
(Like sheep to the shepherd)
Waiting to believe the claims, waiting but it's all the same
Waiting for a signal, for a sign to come through
(Outcast like the lepers)

All alone, on the edge of losing hope
Exactly where they want you
Don't pledge your life, don't hold your breath
Don't sacrifice it all until there's nothing left

Waiting for the rain to cleanse
Praying that this pain will end
Thanks for nothing, I knew I could count on you


As another nightmare ends, brave enough to dream again
Believe in something that might not come true
Why hold on when the cost of letting go
Is less than blind devotion?
Until there's nothing left at all
Don't sacrifice it all

Unfulfilled prophecies rust
Envy, greed, pride, and lust
Tell me where do you place your trust?
So believe what you must

Can't sit still
How can you fill a void that will not heal
A gaping wound that cannot be sealed
As you feel the sting of shame and guilt

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