Mushroomhead – A Requiem for Tomorrow

A Requiem for Tomorrow

Agnus Dei qui tollis
Peccata mundi
Dona eis requiem

Decay, a requiem for tomorrow
Forevers yesterday
Self imposed denial

Entwined in blind naivety
Your minds confined by deities
Accelerate demise in motion
Devastate all that you've known

Compromised, castrated shell of a broken dream
Build it up, tear it down
Wipe the slate clean

Disdain, dismantle, deconstruct
The weak are born detained
Deceit was born of trust

Heard but never seen
Hope but never dream

We're falling far away
I'm not the enemy, it's not the end of me
Complete your fall from grace
There's something left for us today

Beneath the beaten heart
Behind the broken mind
Moments unrelenting
Find you circumventing time

Time slips away, cast away sanity
Can no longer hide your decay

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