Mushroomhead – Carry On

Carry On

You swore to carry on

I hear the whistle of the wind
In the sins of innocence
Relevance reminiscent
Present in this dissidence
Evidence malevolence
An elegant resemblance
Temperamental like my chemical imbalances
Battle damaged challenges
Saddled by this baggage
When it's time to mange this
Then everybody vanishes
Im standing up to walk it off
Talk it out or chalk it up
Volatile Molotov
One day we all will fall

Is there a soul who can save me tonight?
Save my soul
Along this road with a cross to bear
You swore to carry on, save me

Gone in an instant
As time creates distance
Preachers and poachers
Breach Moses within us
Cold calculations
The shame of a nation
Misguided civilians designed by division

To know the bitter toll of life
No more resides inside
Behold and grant us all the strength
We seek to rise beyond

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