Mushroomhead – Madness Within

Madness Within

It feels like the weight of the world
Is constantly pulling it down
Breaking and buckling and shaking this fucking
Whole goddamn thing right to the ground

You call this fucking crazy? I've seen it all before
Half withdrawn and carrying on
Like there's no reason to be alive anymore

All unwell are welcome one and all
The insane and the strange, invited all the same

We're on the verge of total destruction
Yet still too self absorbed to care
Can't speak can't think, can barely function
Its hard to tell if we're even there


It's just our personal insanity taking hold
Cash in, it's time to fold
Surrender to the madness within

Postcards from the funny farm
Regurgitated call to arms
The echoes of the past begin to sing
The age of reason's come and gone
Into oblivion and beyond
Await with terror what tomorrow brings
Embrace the cage or plot your escape

Vapor trails, skyscraper failures
Puncture structures who's crutches were tailored
Ashes to ashes we all fall down

It's nothing personal, insanity's taken hold
Cash in, it's time to fold
Defenders of the madness within

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