Mushroomhead – Sound of Destruction

Sound of Destruction

Chains on us all as we march towards a war
Life or death with our last breath this flag will not fall

There comes a time we must break with the past
Hold it close through
The craze of the maze and the traps
How about it now
Those that were lost there and back
Testifying, trying
Hindsight is blind to the facts
Bring it back
To a time when we shined in our past
Holding on to
The wind in our face and our back's
Until the sun
Those days I would never trade back
I ever loved I hope you know that's a fact

Flashbacks and trashbags
Time lapse and false flags
Remember the past and the collapse of our last gasp
We're losing our grip as it slips through our grasp
We can't comprehend, we can't complete the task

And the whole world's falling down to the sound of destruction
Feel the hellfire and the brimstone, see it all come tumbling down
There's never been a better time for the sound of destruction

My head is disconnected
My thoughts to desecrate in disarray
The wrath of a thousand centuries
Bear witness to humanity brought to its knees

Fast track to fast lane
Abstract lost train last stand
Time to set it off
Molotov and a gas can maybe we can stay away
From the past, the pain and the disarray

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