Mushroomhead – The Time Has Come

The Time Has Come

Time has come, the battle lines are drawn
Revealed directive
Time has come, from king and queen to pawn
Concealed objective
Time has come, march to the gates of dawn
Initiate the end inside

I see through your masquerade
A charlatan all charade
Your fate lies in waste
And decays
Your faith decays

All along, the pyres of the dead were burning

Time has gone, doomed to relive the past
Repeat obsession
Unknown sons pray to their predators
Reclaimed possession
Lost empires sing the chorus of their devastation

We're gonna need that evac asap
Need that bring that beat back

Messiahs, liars and dignitaries
All things move toward their end
Dictators, traitors and adversaries
All things move toward their end
Walking toward tomorrow, torn by sorrow, blind to light
Empires in fire, forever disgraced
Desires expired, condemned to this plague
Broken, torn and hollow mourn tomorrow's endless fight

Time will tell as it always prevails
Detailing all our faults, our flaws, false starts and fails
Nurtured, Perverted, Undone

Time has come, initiate the end
The end inside

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