Mushroomhead – What a Shame

What a Shame

With a heavy heart and a black mark on my soul
This burdens a bastard that we have all known
In a world without heroes just abandoned thrones
All is gone

While gangs of the ignorant extol their intolerance
Sweeping the streets while preaching their nonsense
Your soul is on fire, your world is in flames
What a shame
To behold
This act's getting old
Pack up the tents and send the circus home

Move it on down the line, a catastrophic pantomime
The last to know, the first in line time after time

Life in a pile of ashes
Plight of the vile and disastrous

While you're praying for a savior
Anticipating, awaiting their failure

Cross the T's and dot the I's
Another Christ to crucify
These filthy hands and guilty eyes
Blind concubine

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