Mushroomhead – Where the End Begins

Where the End Begins

Once in a lifetime, 10,000 years old
I should of known only you'd be so bold
The hunger calls for the feeding
The feeding calls for us all
Can you tell me where we start over?
Can you tell me where the end begins?
Can you tell me why the crucifix is on the floor
And why the losers always seem to win?

Places never meant to find
The faintest glimpse of keyhole light
Reveals a figure's finger beckoning
Wagers placed into the fire
Beyond the threshold of desire
From forced hands comes a final reckoning

Leave the illusion behind
With the illusion divide

If nothing feels like you wanted it to
Does no one realize we've fallen into
(Our own design)

We'll recreate tomorrow
And please you with our sorrow
And plead the end to swallow us whole

If life cannot contain us
And dying cannot save us
We'll reach the end within our soul

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