Sabaton – Rorke's Drift

Rorke's Drift

News that came that morning told that the main force had been slain
Chance for peace and justice gone and all talks had been in vain
A prince had been offended and he has gone the path of war
Now that 1500 men are dead and the Zulu's at the door

Zulus attack,
Fight back to back
Show them no mercy and
Fire at will
Kill or be killed
Facing, awaiting

A hostile spear, a new frontier. the end is near
There's no surrender
The lines must hold.
Their story told, Rorke's drift controlled

Later on that fateful day as they head towards the drift
Stacking boxes, fortify, preparations must be swift
Spears and shields of oxen hide facing uniforms and guns
As the rifles fire, echoes higher, (beating) like the sound of drums

1879, when a few held the line
Back to back, attack, the dead are stacked
Where a last stand was made, and the empire saved
Back to back, attack, the dead are stacked

The song "Rorke's Drift" tells of the battle of Roarke-Drift during the Anglo-Zulu war of 1879. The true character of heavy metal and power metal bands is revealed in hard vocals and in powerful guitar riffs. The musical track begins with a very technical solo, which pushes the atmosphere of the upcoming battle. "Spears against rifles, skin against uniforms": this is how the events in the battle of Rork-Drift are described, which are sung by the Sabaton group under an exact rhythm. To this song, the same video was released, in which these events are visually displayed.

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