Secret Rule – Born This Way

Born This Way

I was born in a different way
I stayed alone all my days
I needed to love her, today
To discover my way

Was always scared to be myself
Prisoner of what others say
They make me feel ashamed
Even if I was born this way

I want to live my freedom
To love all people
There's no sex, there's no shape
There's no color or race
Loving men or women
Respect for threesomes
No remission
There's no condition

You made my day
Always love me deeply
No matter what they say, love
You fall
Then get up
And feel my breath
I don't wanna stop it
Dance of death
This is our journey
You're born
Like a storm
I don't fall today
I go my own way
Don't forget, please, who you are
Feel your heart, you know, it never lies
No space for regrets
Believe in yourself
You never wonder
What's this happiness

Living your freedom on top
We are all sons of earth
Do you ever wonder why
You have come back to shine
Love's not a blunder

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