Secret Rule – You're the Player

You're The Player

You'll never win just telling lies,
you'll never win staying the same,
do you ever wonder if you are working headlong?

In your brain your thoughts will fight,
sometimes you’ll maybe need to cry,
you know, to start again, you need to fall!

I’ve never lost a single day,
living my dream without chains,
I reached the peak in this lonely life.

I'll go ahead without their hands,
I'll get to my promised land,
you know, I'm a man, no tears, no regrets!

Are you ready my friend,
now you can make all your dreams come true...
Are you ready my friend,
you have to take on, your new challenge!

Are you ready in the saddle,
riding the storm!

Get control, win the gamble,
you’ll have the world!

Make your moves, free from rules,
now it's your turn!

You have never felt better,
you'll reach for the stars!

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