Sirenia – Downwards Spiral

Downwards Spiral

My dreams of late have been devoid
Mes songes se déversent dans un noir lac d'oubli
I can not sleep anymore
Où flotte à la surface mon sommeil en linceul
I lost control over mind and soul
All my willpower has been devoured
A cloudy vision, is this the hour

I've been waiting for so long
For dreams that won't come

Deterioration of the mind
This is the endless downwards spiral
It breaks you down time after time
It's been too many years of decline
Life wears you down, wears you out
You're all done for this time, beyond all doubt
Tell me was there a purpose anyhow
It's all over now, take your final bow

I'm falling deep into the night
D'une charnelle étreinte, les ailes de la nuit
I can not breathe, can't come to life
Me posent sur le seuil de sa sombre demeure
Descending down this downwards spiral
These absent dreams and sleepless hours
Racing heartbeat, my soul's devoured

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