Sirenia – Into Infinity

Into Infinity

Life's undone, was never meant to be
I stray upon the edge of sanity
I gaze towards a burning keep
It's keeper still at sleep
I wander on into a vast unknown
Strolled upon my own tombstone
I stare into infinity
It's staring back at me

Can't you see - my eyes are blind to see
Can't you hear - the world is mute to me
Can't you feel - my heart is cold and weak
Too tired to live, too tired to be
May my eyes forever be sealed

Follow me on into the night
I'll lead you on to the other side
For these few coins I surely know
The boatman takes us home
He will take us across the stream
Towards the shores of infinity
I know for sure that there's no return
You're smiling with concern

A fading memory
All is lost eventually
Mazed objective
Rejected life, refused to live

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