Sirenia – Passing Seasons

Passing Seasons

Summer's been waning on now, it makes you blue
Nothing will last forever, you know it's true
The leaves starts to fall, can't escape the cold
All green starts to fade as the autumn unfolds
This summer's been waning faster than before

The autumn is passing by now, just like a breeze
Winter's on the horizon, you begin to freeze
The days growing darker, the nights seem so long
In search of a strength that since long has been gone
It's been many years now since you let life go

I can see a waning light
It does no longer shine so bright
The skies so dark, all stars gone out
Yet still I wait for them to ignite

I'm right here at the crossroads waiting, still waiting for you
I waited all this time for you just to see things through
You couldn't find the time, nor the place, nor the cause
You gave up on life, couldn't take anymore
All this time I waited right here for you to show

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