Sirenia – The 12th Hour

The 12th Hour

Clock is ticking won't stop tricking me

The clock is ticking time pass away
Now tomorrow is yesterday
Life is slipping through my hands
No one cares no one understands

Can't you see that time becomes our foe
Time stares you right in the eye
With an ice cold heart and a grinning smile
Can't you see that life becomes our woe
Time pass by careless and vile,
so treacherous deceiving and guile

Time is the enemy...Unseen
Planing it's tricks on me...Foresee
Won't you ever let me be...You see
Cunning eternally...Leave me be

The hours pass by faster each day
Weeks and months just waste away
Near by near I feel more deprived
Thirty nine and barely alive

Would you still be right by my side
The moment our worlds collide
Would you be mine until the end, and again

We all fall apart, like crumbling towers
At wits end, the gate is near soon I will be out of here
There is no time left this is the twelfth hour
My days are done, my time is here,
cross my heart and have no fear

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