Sirenia – Towards an Early Grave

Towards an Early Grave

[Verse 1]
The timeless tide
That sweeps upon the shores of life
By the seaside
You watch me wave this life goodbye

Would you be mine eternally
Be my love infernally
Until some day death releases me
Would you be my insanity
Enslave my mind conscientiously
Until destiny sets me free

[Verse 2]
You are the light, the pale dim light
Still waning in my eyes, my fate in disguise
You are the night, the endless night
The one to ignite
My courage to leave this life

Would you be mine, my chosen one
Until all things are said and done
Would you be the one, my loaded gun
Would you be mine the day I fall
Would you even care then after all
This is the end, last curtain call

My destination written in stone
Condemnation of life as a whole
Onwards and onwards towards an early grave
This is the time and place

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