Sum 41 – The People Vs...

The People Vs...

Another place, another time, a new direction
Maybe we can try to find some peace in time
Might be just a bit beyond your comprehension
Just a little case of pulling teeth to find..

That day after day
You see it slipping away from your hands
You've got to say
I know a bad man when i see his face
And now we suffer as the human race
He is the bad man, but i've got faith
To end this misery
He's got to go
All i know this is no life for me

Well history repeats itself
It's almost insignificant
Just another changing of the guard
And i've heard it all it's nothing new, it's different
Still its always hard to try and disregard

Well show me the sign
Give me motivation
Make me believe it's a passing trend
Sometimes i feel we've all been hexed this time
Will this ever end?..

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