VNV Nation – A Million

A Million

The night, presaged by a dying sun
The life and times of ascent and fall
The dance has commenced in the fading glow
A wall of pitch for the dying of light
Protect us, keep us from all that would harm
Encircle, encompass, guard over us all

Give up, give in
Light the night on fire
It sears, it derides and it leads us to fall
Walk on, walk through imitations of hell
The movement, the rhythm
The drums from afar

The guilty are hanging from the killing tree
The cries from the depths in unison sing
Forgotten, abandoned, graceless and scorned
Pleading unheeded
The millions unknown

Walk on, walk on till dawn has come
The relentless unceasing of a million calls
I know you too well and I know you by name
I fought you, I defeated you time and again

I endure, I resist what is killing me
An image invoked
Like a visage of hell
Submit to temptation
Taunting my soul
Unlock these restraints
Oh save us all

Hold on, hold on till dawn has come
Endure and persist, no mercy without
The world in it's slumber has time on its side
Safe, unaware in a million dreams

Love joins, unites
Love breaks us apart
The power to conquer here in our hearts
Enduring and sacred
Eternal as time
For love, love alone will conquer all

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