Wind Rose – Tomorrow Has Come

Tomorrow Has Come

When tomorrow comes
I will be long gone
When the sky grows dim it will be so clear
That my time has come

When tomorrow comes
With the fears all fading away
Reliving the memories of a life spent here

Now it isn't hard to see
And it never has been so clear
This is what I wanted to live and to die for

And your tears will not be shed for me
If I will be gone when tomorrow has come
Riding over the golden fields, as a warrior
When tomorrow has come

When tomorrow comes
I will be on the way
Do not wait for me if I am not here
If I've walked across a land far away

When my time has come
I will not be forgotten
Like a melody
Every memory will remind me of here

And my tears are falling
For what I read in your eyes
If I had a chance now to come back to my life
While my time is running out

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